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Template Letter to Contact TV Critics

A couple of daily highlights first:
A few people wrote to the SOS campaign team saying they emailed their favorite TV critic. Here's a good template (letter to Orlando Sentinel). Pls reuse!  

Mr. Boedeker,

To this faithful subscriber your insightful reviews have increased my viewing options and to me, you are our local Gene Shallot and Roger Ebert rolled into one.

Although I do not recall a review of the series "Legend of the Seeker" I would hope that you know of it. Of all of the purported 'Family Programming' of the major networks this admirable fantasy series has a strong message of good vs. evil that has been must see TV in our extended family.

Although produced by ABC it has been a hidden gem in syndication. But as the Tribune stations that carried it have dwindled (I don't have to tell you what's going on there) it seems that the upcoming season finale will be the series finale instead.

As with other series that have been 'rescued' from the TV landfill there is an organized fan effort to keep these wonderful stories and characters. The website has taken ads in Varity and The Hollywood Reporter paid for by donations from people just like me.

I have no doubt that the written word is as mighty as the "Sword of Truth" in the storyline, and respectfully request if possible that you could drop one or two in favor of this effort.

With appreciation and regards,

[your name, email, etc.]

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