Beautiful First Confessor Videos

The First Confessor video by Stephanie Cutler. Check it out!

If you haven't read The First Confessor... head immediately to!  The First Confessor is as great as the best "The Sword of Truth" novels. I reminds me a lot of "Confessor" in terms of epic story line, pace, style. You'll fall in love with the characters!! 

All you need to read The First Confessor is either a Firefox, Chrome or Safari browser on your PC/Mac or latest mobile devices, and the Kindle Cloud Reader will be your best friend ;)

Save Our Seeker efforts ARE getting noticed

This post is in response to Destiny0001 tweet:

Destiny0001 @SaveOurSeeker @Rot10Dustin Exactly how are the efforts being noticed? It would be nice to hear something concrete.

Here are very concrete examples:

Terry Goodking statement; please see:
  1. OfficialTG (Terry Goodkind team) post and thread on the forum: Terry Goodkind found out about the SOS campaign via the Variety ads
  2. Terry Goodkind website, bottom of this page
  3. Phone calls by fans to SciFi, Disney/ABC, Legendary Pictures, Starz, etc.: different fans have called many networks to ask them about producing a third season of the show. The typical response is "we know about your letters and cannot comment."  Reps at Starz went as far as stating Starz was bidding on Legend of the Seeker 
  4. Some fans are also receiving replies to their letters
  5. The Old One on the forum volunteered to call again Disney and Netflix, so stay tuned for more info
  6. The show cast & crew is also very aware as they've donated autographed items for the campaign and receive monthly updates about the fans' activities.
  7. The show cast & crew has also re-tweeted SOS-related tweets. 
Hope this helps.

Please feel free to email
contact@saveourseeker if you have any questions or concerns.

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WonderCon runs the weekend of April 1-3, in San Francisco (Moscone Convention Center), and I'm organizing a nice Terry Goodkind/Seeker Fan Table. I'd love to meet other Terry Goodkind fans and could also use some help to promote his books at the table.  Collapse )

The fan table will have a combined 'Terry Gookind/Legend of the Seeker' theme.

I know many book aficionados don't like "Legend of the Seeker."  Don't worry, the fan table is 50% about the books, and the other 50% about the TV show. And if you hate the show, just draw an imaginary "boundary" on the table and ignore one half of it. As you'll see from the details below, the table has plenty of Sword of Truth/Omen Machine content. Did I also mention I'm a book geek? If you need proof, just check out the t-shirts I'll be wearing.WonderCon Ts

These are the elements of the fan table:

Banner stand; a big 'The Omen Machine' poster; easel with daily contest. Please see contest details below. 

For Display Only: Books and DVDs; Laptop running LotS episodes

Giveaways: spice soup recipe cards, Wizard's rules bookmarks, buttons, magnets, Legendary posters (a few Dragon*Con leftovers) 

Contests (winners will be able to choose one of these prizes: Wizard's First Rule books, t-shirts, LotS Soundtrack; I♥LotS cap, keychains, window decals; tote). The contests will be:
  • Day 1: Sword of Truth Quiz; Guess the number of Stone of Tears (this contest runs throughout the convention. "Stone of tears" will be beads in a jar; winner announced on Sunday)
  • Day 2: Sword of Truth - Shota's Riddle; Guess the number of Stone of Tears
  • Day 3: Sword of Truth - Guess the "mystery character" ; Guess the number of Stone of Tears (winner announced)
Flyers: Generic LotS flyer, business card with useful URLs.

If you plan to attend WonderCon and would like to help out at this fan table, please drop me an email. You can also sign up at Just type in your name directly on Google docs. Please do email me anyway, so we have a way to contact each other.

Thank you. Hope to see you there!

Seeker Confusion

Earlier today, I listened to The Seekercast podcast about "Brennidon," so I had to watch it this episode again... which I did on Hulu ;)

The very first image of "Brennidon" is a beautiful buck and I just couldn't help but thinking about the stag of Harry Potter's Patronous Charm. I may be suffering from "Seeker Confusion." One plays Quidditch, and the other wields the Sword of Truth. They're both great wizards after all.  Collapse )
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Best of RingCon 2010

We could not get a fan table at RingCon - tables were sold out, but RingCon turned out to be an epic, very NALU convention.

The epic German fans, plus Dayna Porter-Chiplin, Bruce Spence, and Craig Parker made RingCon very special. And many fans went above and beyond to help with the Save Our Seeker campaign ♥♥♥

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Best of ROMICS 2010

The ROMICS videos are the best convention videos I've ever seen. Standing ovation IMO.
I laughed to tears for 10 minutes with the first one :)
Note: ROMICS get about 75,000 attendees - quite a huge convention!
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